Why Free Stuffs and Freebie Sites Are Popular on Industrialized Countries

Why Free Stuffs and Freebie Sites Are Popular on Industrialized Countries

Once I’ve read a book the millionaire next door that mentioned about the attitude of rich people who were frugal and financially fit. They were compared to those who were physically fit and exercise regularly. Isn’t it those who have those bulges have to exercise to burn those calories? It is ironic that those who need exercise are the one’s who were not doing it. Likewise, people who were affluent, I mean those people who became rich through hard work are very careful on their expenditures. They live below their means. And this does not include Hollywood superstars who became wealthy or those who won the lottery who became instant millionaires.

People from rich nations like the United States and Japan where, despite all their wealth, They would still keep every penny and yen they get. In the US, It is not unusual for a man to have a coin purse so they would be able to pay the exact amount most of the time. The Americans and Japanese, despite their affluence, would not pay one penny or yen more than the actual price of any merchandise and would similarly demand that they get no less than their exact change.

And why do you think many Americans spend time clipping discount coupons out of newspapers? For them any discount, even if it is just 10 cents, still means they will be paying a little less for an item. If all discounts are added up, that can mean a pretty respectable saving. They would go to supermarket with the coupons they clipped and use them when paying for their purchases.

Sad to say this will not happen to my country. No one will go to the supermarket with a bag full of coupons. I myself won’t bother to go to the store with those coupons. We even have a calendar from popular drug store with discount coupons. Maybe because the value of our currency is too low to give attention to or is it amor propio? (pride?) Culture? Whatever! No wonder we are still a third world country. A discount is a discount, even 1 centavo, 2 centavo, 3 centavos and so forth. And how much more if it is a freebie? Free stuffs or corporate give away. That doesn’t mean that people who patronize them can’t afford those items. It only shows that they value their money. Getting free samples so just in case they don’t like the product, no one will be blamed for not buying a better one.

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