Will Boston Celtics Tick Againets Become Sought-after Once ?

Will Boston Celtics Tick Againets Become Sought-after Once ?

For decades, Boston Celtics tickets were “the” hot tickets to get in New England. The region’s other teams – the Patriots, Bruins and Red Sox, all had their share of struggles, but the Celtics were the gold standard by which all other sports teams were measured. Their dynasties spanned several generations, and they were the pride of the Boston sports fan.

However, in recent years, the sporting landscape in Boston has changed. The Bruins continue to struggle, but the Patriots and the Red Sox have brought titles and pride to the area, all while the Celtics have sunk to new lows. The team is currently mired in one of its worst in recent memory, but all hope is not lost. The following are steps that could happen that would restore the team to its rightful place among the NBA’s elite.

Get Paul Pierce Back

Paul Pierce is the Celtics, and he moves Boston Celtics tickets all by himself. He’s one of those do-everything players who can handle the ball, shoot, score, drop dimes, rebound and even defend when he’s into it. There probably isn’t a more indispensable player to his team in the NBA, and that’s been proven by the Celtics 2-20 record since he left the lineup.

With Pierce in the lineup, everyone else on the team instantly becomes better. He’s known for his intensity, and he’s one of those intimidating forces that has to be defended at all costs, which completely opens the floor for everyone else. His mere presence on the floor will add to the victory column.

Let the Young Guys Develop

The Celtics have been quietly building a nucleus of young and talented players, and they include Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes, Tony Allen and Sebastian Telfair. These players may have skill, but they lack one thing – experience. The team needs to let them grow into full-fledged NBA players and avoid all the trade talks that have been swirling as a result of the team’s current swoon.

Not to mention, the Celtics, barring an unbelievable turnaround, are headed for the lottery this summer, and most fans think that Greg Oden would look pretty good in Celtic green. If the team can add another young star to this nucleus, their fortunes could be reversed quickly in the mediocre Eastern Conference.


The Celtics need to look no further than their local football counterparts to see how to proceed. There’s no need to break the bank on big-name free agents or to constantly tinker with the main cogs on their roster. They need to maintain their nucleus, add a complimentary piece or two and allow the whole “recipe” to come together.

If all of these things happen, it won’t be long before Boston Celtics tickets are once again impossible to find.